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Panasonic Toughbook  CF-28 WIFI KIT BRAND NEW

This is a Brand New upgrade Replacement part

You need this to ad WIFI WIRELESS INTERNET to your CF-28  Panasonic Toughbook.

This is for the BRAND NEW Intel WIFI card, the BRAND NEW 3COM combo card, the BRAND NEW antenna wire with the connector and the antenna mount, and the BRAND NEW Hi gain antenna. The XP drivers for the WIFI card are also included.

This kit has been tested on the CF-28 running XP and we have found it to have excellent range and reception.

The installation is very easy and the only tool you need to do the installation is a drill to drill the small mounting hole for the antenna. Also you will have to snake the antenna wire from the battery bay to the mini pci bay (this can be a bit tricky) but with patients this can be accomplished. Then remove the modem and the lan card, install the new combo card in one slot and the wifi card in the other. The combo card plugs right in, no soldering, the plugs fit, the drivers are in XP and will install themselves and the wifi drivers are included on cd.

This makes a nice clean factory look

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